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Rene's Audi 90 René from Switzerland writes about his 90:
"Here a pic of my '86 Audi 90, front wheel drive, 135'000km (84'400 miles) and my first car! 2.3l 5-cylinder 115PS, colour: metallic grey, stock condition except for ATS 14" rims and the Blaupunkt CD-radio. Speakers: rear speaker board do-it-yourself (4 x 13cm (5") basses and 4 piezo highs) Sadly, it is used summer and winter, but after 15 years it still has no rust!I am really happy with this car!"
More info? Then visit him at 80er Jahre AutoClub (Club for cars of the 80s), a cool visit, even if you don't speak German!
Mark's 20V Mark's 20V is so fully equipped, that I'll only mention those extras not available as an option:
Driving lights H4 100/80 W; exhaust by PIPER, stainless steel with double Edelstahl mit double end pipes; ABT Chiptuning: Measured 260PS at 6450 1/min and 400Nm at 2600 1/min, Vmax=285 km/h (177mph)! Front turning signals HELLA, Golf I, black; on the side: MHW, black; front brakes: Porsche/Audi RS2; brake lines GOODRIGDE steelflex lines front and back; springs H&R, compressed in front, ca. 60/20mm (2.4/0.8"); dampers Koni yellow, shortened in front.
Remote control, WAECO Magic Lock; rearlights with middle part in red, HELLA; leather steering wheel: original AUDI Sport, tires/rims in summer: 8 1/2J x 18 ET27 AZEV Type A with 235/40 ZR 18 DUNLOP SP8000; winter 8 J x 17 original AUDI rims in 10 spokes design with 225/45 HR 17 NOKIAN NRW M+S; radio BOSE with RDS and CD changer from AUDI V8; wooden shifting knob original Audi accessories, freely programmable wiper relais from VW Golf IV"
Now, Mark as a second Audi, and it is surely worth a look!


Niall's A4 Niall from Scotlands keeps it short about his A4:
"Here is a pic of my 96 A4 1.9TDi. It has 15" sport rader alloys fitted by the first owner. It won't look like that for long as i have just got a set of 18" OZ super Tourismos, a Kamei grill and smoked side repeaters. I'll send an updated pic when the new parts are installed."
So, something to look for!
Martin's Type89 Martin writes about his mean Type89:
"Audi 90 Quattro, 2.3E, grey electric sport seats from '90 V8 US version, power windows, S2 instruments, Xenon in stock Audi 90 headlight housings (do-it-yourself), S2 skirts front and back, B4 wing, black rearlights, Koni dampers, springs by H&R compressed, 60mm (2.4") lower, exhaust from catalytic converter backwards stainless steel, 7,5*17 with 205/40/17."
Timo's 100 Timo's car is not really stock:
"Audi 100, 7/88, engine NF, 45mm (1,75") H&R with Monroe, Treser back, Audi 200 front with blacked out headlights, ca. 147000 km (91'300 miles), Raid sport steering wheel, car alarm with immobilizer, Nokia cellular phone, not to speak about the music! Chip tuned, cylinder head "modified", V-max according to speedometer 245 km/h (152 mph), excellent fuel economy, net weight only 1250 kg (2760 pounds), further goodies: Interieur lights, heated electric rear view mirrors, electric sliding roof, genuine additional instruments, radio antenna in rear window, automatic transmission, fog lights...
That's all I can think of now. I am so pleased with this car, I bought it back after selling it for a BMW E36 convertible!"
Smart decision :), but he forgot the airbrush on the fuel filler "cap" and the painted rear view mirrors!
Since April 2001 the 200 front spoiler is joined by an SGI rear skirt and painted rubber on the lower rocker panels
Brandon's racing S2 Brandon tells us about his "Ersatz-S2":
"Audi never exported the S2 to the United States. However, they did sell the 80-series Coupe Quattro for two years, and they sold the 20valve turbo five cylinder engine in the '91 200q, and later [modified] the S4/6 series. With help from Audi enthusiasts around the world, I built an S2 using a US spec Coupe and a container-load of S2 parts from Schmidt Motorsports in Germany. Today the car is virtually identical to an early series european S2, augmented by Porsche 996 brakes (courtesy of, H&R springs, Koni Adjustables, larger sway bars, Kinesis lightweight wheels, and many other small refinements
which make the car at home on the track as on the street. I enclose a shot of my S2 for your visitor gallery page.
My website is"
Jens' C4 TDI My namesake Jens tells us his very own AudiStory :)
"I am a student and drive Audi, caused by my Dad. And only diesel engines. It started in 1996 with an Audi 100 Type44 Avant Turbo Diesel, built in '86. We bought the car with 400tkm (248tmiles), the engine was changed at 170tkm (106tmiles) and lasted till 433tkm (=269tmiles) in 1998. Then I took over an Audi 100 Avant C4 TDI with 6-speed manual transmission, built in 2/94. Sensational fuel efficiency were "stock" (below 6litres for 100km/62miles when driving 120km/h or 75mph ). Airconditioning, power windows all around, towing hitch, Radio Gamma (later swapped for JVC receiver, Philips amplifier and Canton speakers) and other goodies.
Bought with 375tkm (233tmiles), sold with 400tkm (248tmiles). And now I am driving an A6 Avant 2.5 TDI quattro with leather, power windows, power roof, towing hitch, additional instruments, heated seats, air conditioning... Especially at this winter time, the car really goes. It now has 325tkm (202tmiles), second engine is implanted since 233tkm (145tmiles). Until now, I only have pics of my old cars."
Fab's C4 Directly to Fab and his cool C4:
"As things are now:
2.3E with chip; power windows, mirrors and roof; heated seats in front; blue velours with wood; springs and dampers, 40mm (1.6") lower 8x17 RH ZW1 60mm offset, with 25mm (1") distance rings; Goodyear Eagle F1 245/40 ZR 17 in the summer and stock steel wheels with winter tires for the cold season; DE-headlights from the Ur-S4 (therefore got rid of the stock fog lights in the bumper), white turning signals with Osram Diadem lamps; RS2-headlight washers; 2x76mm (3") exhaust tips; trailer hitch (sadly not detachable); crash-free.
Planned for the future:
Retrofit AutoCeck/BoardComputer; get rid of the orange turning signals in the rear (red or black Hella lights, what do you think?); paint mirror housings and bumper strips in body colour; retrofit a detachable trailer hitch, modified air-filter, keeping the air-filter housing; in case of too much money Xenon *dream*
Some pics that are permanently updated can be found here.
Yes, that's what I have to tell about my C4. Surely I have forgotten something, but this is no drama, as the car ist permanently changed. A very pleasant and comfortable car with enough room without looking too massive. As soon as I have reached something with the air-filter, I will make it public."
Since April 2001 the following things are reality: Air-filter (description of the conversion at his homepage), Xenon, Autocheck and board-computer, 280km/h (174mph) speedometer, additional instruments and a car alarm.
Since May 2001, I know have 8x17 ET 60 up front with 25mm threadwidth-plates and 235/40ZR17. The rear rolls on 9x17 ET 47 with 20mm plates and 235/40ZR17, too.
Update December 2001
8x18 genuine Audi-RS-Felgen with 225/40ZR18 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico (very loud sound when rolling), front 10mm (0.4") and rear 20mm (0.8") track widening plates, rear lights from the US S4 with license plate holder painted in body colour, electric V8 memory seats in black, S4 instrument cluster, tow-bar now detachable and the S8 rear view mirrors are already known.

Jan's C4 Jan writes about his C4:
"Here is a picture of my '94 Audi 100, front wheel drive, 245000km (152000 miles)! It is a 100 Avant with TDI engine, genuine Audi aluminium rims, a Gamma radio and air conditioning. I am quite happy with the car, but it could use a bit more horsepower. But I am afraid to do chip tuning on that old engine."
Horst's 100 Sport Horst writes about his 100 Sport:
"Since I knew that an Audi 100 Sport II exists, I was on constant hunt for one, as I really like the optics of the V8 and the Audi 100 ressembles it. But the prices [for the Sports] seemed to be too high for the miles on the clock! Cars were offered for 7.800 DM (about USD 3600) with 245000km (153tmiles). After nearly one year of searching I found this one in silver, from the third owner, no crash and in good (stock) condition for 5500,- (USD 2600) with 195000km (122tmiles) . Since then I replaced some normal wear and tear parts (oil change, air cleaner, distributor cap, v belt) and it runs and runs...well, you know. What I am constantly surprised by is the excellent gas-mileage.
I run standard fuel and get 7.2 - 8.6 litred per 100km when driven normally. Options that were not stock for Sports include: onboard computer, trailing coupling, white turning signals, completely red middlepart for the rearlights, foil on the Windows. It lacks a airconditioning, but it could be worse.
Nice, that I can present him here. Greetings, Horst"

Models Racing Special
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