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Chris' B4 Chris writes about his B4:
"My Audi is a B4 2.3, built in 11/91. First, I needed more pressure in the cab: I used JVC (MD/CD), six 16cm Phonocar speakers, two JL 15W3, four-channel and Earthquake PH D2. Brock B6 rims (8,5x17) and a KW thread-adjustable (?) suspension followed. The badges on the trunk were removed and a Mattig grill was mounted."
Willem's B4 Willem has bought a B4 after his Type89:
"It is an Audi 80 2.0 B4, built in 1992, 90PS, 202.000km (125400miles), the car runs on LPG (That is Liquid Propane Gas, or "Autogas", many cars in the Netherlands drive on that.). It has a JVC Stereoset, central lock, tires are 205-60-R15, colour is Black metallic."
Markus' Type44 Even if Markus is currently living in Spain, he could of course not live without Audi. And as he did not take his Type44 with him, he had the old 200 Avant turbo quattro of Stephan repainted in Spain: In a "simply just freakin'" metallic blue. Before that the car was silverish and just took up too much space for Stephan besides his 100 Sport. Nice if cars get such a good home!
Ferry's Urquattro
Ferry's Coupé
Ferry, the webmaster of the Audi Coupe Club Holland has not one but two unbelievably clean Audis! Both are in excellent shape:
"The first one is a 1985 urquattro: 187k-km's, fully stock and in excellent condition (resprayed). It has the digi-dash with the voice, cruise control and ABS. I really love this piece of art. I only take her out of the garage once a month with nice sunny wheather. A real thrill to drive."
Now, she's a real brute with that 200PS power booster under the hood. However, the second one is just as clean:
"The second one is my daily driver: an 85 Coupe GL. It has a 4-cylinder 1.8S engine with the brownish interior of the Audi 80. Original extras are power steering, electric windows and a sunroof. Great car to drive, although it's not a 5-cylinder :("
Hey, be happy, this car looks like new and it does not hurt to own a rather cheap daily driver when you have a thirsty 200PS beast waiting for a ride!
"More pics&info of these cars and many other Coupes [and some other Audis] on - Homepage of the Audi Coupe Club Holland."
Tim's Type89 Tim from writes about his Audi 90 Type89:
"It's an Audi 90 quattro fitted with a 3B 20V turbo engine, superchipped, hybrid turbo KKK 28/27. Power not yet confirmed, but I hope to reach 350-400PS. It's painted in IMSA race colours. S2 hood and front bumper, RS2 headlights, H&R springs, S2 gas damper front and back. S2 brakes, Scorpian exhaust, no catalytic converter, special exhaust manifold from stainless steel."
Jürgen's Type44 Jürgen writes about his 44, which caused him some trouble during the last weeks:
"Turbo quattro Avant 05/1988, MC 165PS catalytic converter (new model) / 280.000km (174000miles) / automatic AC / onboard computer / 4*power windows / sliding roof / double cargo floor / cargo bay cover / no roof rack and now rear wiper (but the rear window stays clean and dry nevertheless) / pearlwhite with Aero rims in body colour / white turning signals / modified Kamei grill / rearlights from a 200 sedan / Sony CD changer with 300W amplifier and Infinity Speakers / Siemens hands-free mobile phone / V8 burl wood / heated seats front and back"
As Jürgen attended the 2001 Angrillen, you get pictures in 1024x768 from the rear and from the front. Oh, pay attention to the white strips in the front!


My Namesake writes about his 20V in the rare but cool red:
"My story started in 1990 with a '84 100 CC 1.8S 75PS. I got infected at the age of twelve, when I got a '73 100 GLS to tinker with from an acquaintance. I got the car (which was obviously run-down) going again (at the age of twelve, without help from adults) and took it out to the field of a friendly farmer. Eventually, it totally broke down. So a "new" had to be found, this was a '72 100 with the 100PS engine. Of course, when I turned 18, it had to be Audi and the 100 CC was a

Jens' 200 20V

real bargain. Sadly, the car broke down, when I tried to bore a tunnel into the Black Forest near Neustadt on the Wineroad. In the eleven months I had to walk afterwards, I restored a '74 100er GLS, which loyally accompanied me for three years. Then it should be something newer. In 1996 I found my '89 Type44 2.0E which was very dented in the front, but the price was simply OK. After just two days I had it on the street again. That was when my problems with Audi started. Till then I only knew carburetors and conventional ignition. Now I had to deal with a knock-sensor what I never had heard of before. Was quite some searching till I found the reason for the problems. I then swapped the car for a red 2.2E Avant with 138PS and a defect gearbox which had

to go in 1998 due to the missing catalytic converter. My 88er_2.3E (NF) with the "new" interieur followed. I did some stuff on it in the summer of 2000 (K.A.W. springs, aluminium rims, paint in Surfblue [Annotation of the webmaster: It looks great together with the red of the 20V!]) I bought it with 138.000Km (86000miles) and drove it in two years up to 256.000km (159000miles). In that time I needed the following: Wheel bearings in the front, master cylinder, hydraulic pump, 10 valves (timing belt got stuck), that's it. And now finally I have fulfilled my dream and bought my long awaited 200 20V Avant. A '90 with 238.000km (148.000miles). When I bought it, the distributor was broken (the plastic gear was only half the normal size) and there was a light parking-lot accident on the right front. Yesterday I replaced the turbocharger with a K26, as my K24 had some cracks on the exhaust side. Now it goes again. I hope that this car will accompany me forever, as it is the Audi that fulfills my demands ideally. Loads of space, runs great and looks quite decent on today's roads!
Kind greetings to all Audi-crazy!"
He just sent in another mail, saying that he also drove a '85 Coupé for one year and he just sold the blue Audi, to make room for his wife's new '91 Avant!


Holger's V8


Holger writes about his V8:
"This is my V8, 4.2litre, everything stock, except the rims, these are new: Ronal R7 with 245 tires. Isn't it beautiful? Bought it last year on the 29th of February (!) with 32000km (20000miles) (really!!!) for a sensational price! It had never seen snow or a car wash till then, I am very proud of it."
A real thing of beauty!

Tarhan's C4

Tarhan does not write much about his 2.8 A6 C4 with automatic transmission. With its registration date of 4/98 (!) it is the A6 with the latest registration date in Switzerland! But more pictures and info can be found on his page.

Models Racing Special
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