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[Alex' Typ44] Alex writes about his 44: "T44, built in 9/90, colour is nautic-metallic, 2,3E, 100kW, stock Aero rims (including spare tire!), special edition "Comfort", wood [like the V8 or 200 20V], JVC-RC with 12 CD-magazin, white turning signals, V8 rearlights, painted grille housing, additional instruments, manual gearbox."
Well, I cannot add a thing to that really ;)
[Uli's 200 20V] This is Uli's 200 20V. He writes: "Here with a pic my Audi 200 Avant 20 V Turbo Quattro, with:
Porsche BiTurbo brake in front, 17" wheels, 40mm distance rings from H+R, new engine now has 13.000 miles, chip tuning by digi-tec ( +60 PS), K&N free flow air filter, Sony with 10 CD changer."
More info on his homepage.
[Rocky's UrQ]
[Rocky's A4]
Rocky has two Audis. He writes:
"This is my first audi. 1/82 build date, 1983 urquattro. Converted to MC engine, chipped, g60 brakes, Abt instrument cluster, single muffler, dual diff locks, cq fuel pump, rolled fenders. I should have sold it when i bought my other car, but i had so much invested, and it is SO FUN to drive... I just received a new license plate for it: QUAATRO."

And this is his new A4 quattro: "A dream car, for me. Lots of space to haul my dj gear, or camping stuff. Rails for a roof rack, great for skiing every winter weekend. I have an APR chip as my only mod, besides the urquattro wheels. Winter/sport/convenience packages, deluxe audio package, gps nav system - I ordered every option except the cd player. I of course have the sport rims with sp8000's, these urq wheels that soon will have nokian NRW's, and some steel rims with studded nokian hakka 1's. I just hit 10k miles."
Note the license plate: "AVNT GRD"= Avantgarde!

[Tino's B4] This is Tino's 3/94 B4 Avant Tdi, he has got the 90PS 1.9 litre version. Rear view mirrors and headlight covers are painted bodycolour, the grill was replaced by a sport version and in the cab, a steering wheel made of mahagoni wood caresses your senses.
[Paul's Type85] This is Paul's stealthy Type85 from the UK. Besides having the famous and rare Oettinger 2.5 litre machine, he writes:
"It has Ronal 7" wheels, Spax lowered 40mm springs/shocks. Polyurathane suspension bushes, the modified airbox and K&N air filter. Rest is as it came from dealer, as Oettinger car. I'd like to hear from other type 85'rs especially modified and Oettinger owners."
So contact him under:
[Bruce's Audi 100LS] This is the Audi 100LS US sedan of Bruce Toski from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who is constanly searching for contact to all first series Audi 100 drivers. As Bruce's Sedan is from 1972, it still has the small (Euro) bumpers! The car is in unbelievable (stock) shape.
[Theodosios' Coupe S] This Coupe is something special. There were no Coupes in the USA, but this one has late US bumpers and position lights. Reason:
The first owner was the Ambassador who wanted his Coupe to follow US specifications! So Audi built it that way. Today, it belongs to Theodosios, a greek Audi fan. Porsche 928 rims in 7x16 with 225/45/16, Porsche/RS2 brakes in front, V8 brakes in the rear and a lowered suspension are the main parts of his conversion.
[Markus' 100 Sport]

Markus has once again (October 2001) worked on his Type44:
"Audi 100 quattro Sport, 2.3e NF, fog lights, ABS, 7,5J Aerorims with 215 socks, double rear foglight, AutoCheck and BoardComputer (since yesterday the Spanish version), sport seats with middle arm rest (so far still a different colour), steering wheel 36cm (14") Victor with lettering "Driving System" and Audi sign in the middle, central locking of Waeco, including trunk (it's much more reliable than the original) with switches in the center console and the doors, car alarm by Waeco incuding ultra sound and 130dB sirene from Viper and remote control for alarm and central locking, automatic air conditioning, electric and heatable rear view mirrors, reading lights, genuine Audi blind in the rear window, rear muffler replaced by a 7cm (2,75") (great sound), shortened shifter with leather knob, additional instruments and 280 (174mph)

speedometer, reinforced suspension from the 200 Turbo, headlights with 100W Cool-Blue from Osram actuated with separate relais switches, red taillights from the V8, white turning signals front, working as "standing lights", LED position lights by Hella, black side indicators, 200 spoiler and front bumper, grill spoiler by Kamei, 200 bonnet/hood, detachable tow-bar from Westfalia with the electric system hiden behind the rear bumper, read cateyes on the rear bumper, Racing aluminium pedals, trunk interior trim from the 200 20V, nice subtle Car-Hifi system: Radio Panasonic Minidisc, front systems Infinity 2-way with high frequency speakers on the inner cover of the rear view mirrors with 2x40W RMS, rear system Kenwood KAC 848 amplifier with 4x100W RMS and aktive switch as a three channel with 2x100W and 1x300W + Trennkoppler (???) in the RCA input, conneted via 10² directly to the battery, fuse 50A, speakers Kenwood KFC-HQ 718 (7x10", 90W RMS), screwed in from below to the metal using distancers and subwoofer Pioneer TS-W304F (Freeair) on 28mm (1.1") MDF-plate, this screwed with four screws M8x60 and large washers to where once the ski bag was, also applying thick insulation tape and the whole trunk is laid out with special noise absorbing polymeric foam, including the rear lid and below the rear window.
Power windows in the rear are planned."
What a list!


[Esteban's C4 TDI] This is car Number 50!!! in my small gallery. Here is what the proud owner says:
"My name is Esteban, I am from Spain, and here is a pic of my 1994 Audi 100 TDI 2.5. As you can see, itīs amethyst grey, with 195/65/15 and alloy rims. It is fitted with power windows, A/C, metallic sunroof, alarm and HiFi Pioneer with 6 CD changer. Perhaps it is a late 100 because it has S4 headlights, white signal lights and the rear view mirrors "new look" of the A6. It was first registered in June 1994 and it has 94 tkm on the clock.
If someone could give some more information about this series, please send me a mail to"
Well, it looks like a normal 100 C4 with user-installed turning signals to me, but I can be wrong there, so send him a mail.

Models Racing Special
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