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Chris' Type89


Chris not only has a sleek B4, but let's see what he writes about his Type89:
"My Type 89:
Audi 90 Sport, 10/91, 2.3 litre 5 cylinder, lowered 3.5 inches (9cm)!!! 16x7 inch Antera wheels, sports exhaust, clear front indicators, red rear lights, clear side indicators, CD player, power windows, air conditioning, looks good and goes well!!!"


Christian's Type44


Christian had bad luck with his first Type44, but it was not his fault. He sums up his current one as follows:
"Audi 100 Type 44 2,3 E Business, registration date 04/oct/90
lowered 30/30 (1.2"), aluminium rims 15", fog lights: reflection type, exhaust: stainless steel end pipe, Abt-symbol on grill and back (mounted after the photo), second rear fog light.
Business-line, aluminium pedals from Jamex, car radio and 10x CD changer from Blaupunkt, Speakers: McAudio, fire extinguisher (for those hot moments *lol*), Siemens cellular phone with hands-free talking, genuine dancing Elvis doll."


Dirk's S6 plus


Dirk says that he will never drive anything else than Audi. No wonder, as he has an S6 plus!
"Audi S6 plus, #131 of 855, built in 97, 160.000km (100tmiles), stock nogaroblue-pearl, stock 326PS, now chipped 348PS, Vmax 290km/h (180mph), 430Nm, otherwise still(!) stock.
Planned: 18", 40mm (1.6") lower, 4-pipe exhaust, special grill, white side indicators, blue cockpit lights, installing of my "old" sound system of my 44Q: Pioneer DEH-P815, Power Acoustik 4APC960, 2APC 1400, various Pioneer and Ground Zero speakers.
Well, what else can you improve on such a "Rapid-Transporter"??? If he is finished, I'll send new pics."
Well, I hope so! :)


Peterling's Type44


Peterling has done some mods that others only think about and he is so kind to tell us about them:
"I have an Audi Type44 from 86 with the 2.2 fivecylinder. I am really enthusiastic about this car. It is my daily driver and already has 240 000km (149tmiles). He has H&R springs, 40mm (1.6") lowered all around and complete red Koni dampers. The exhaust system is completely changed between manifold and last muffler. Everything imaginable is (and is continued to be) changed... Oh, it really is an Audi 100, but I liked the Audi 200 front better and the bumpers are from a scrap-yard 5000 with white turning signals of a VW Golf II. The side position lights are from Volvo! Rims are Arbet 7.5x17 with 225/45 ZR17 all around."
Sweet!   Need a 100/200/5000 explanation?


Alex' Type44


Alex J. has an Audi 100 with a twist:
"This is my second Type44. Before, I had a 1.8, but I needed more power. This tasty black 2.3 I have since 4/2000. He is a bit lowered and has a special hood/bonnet, that the previous owner built himself. (So don't ask me where to buy it: It is unique ;) ) When I have finished my studies (4/2002) I will start the project C4/S4, as I need more power and good 20Vs are hard to find, so it has to be a C4, sadly...
Man I can assure all Type44 fans, my car will not end up being trashed Eastern Europe searching for potholes, as I will deactivate hime until I can register him as a classic car [30 years in Germany] :-)."
I took the picture at the Angrillen 2001. More pics:
    front large    rear     hood   


Frank's Uri
Frank's Typ44


Frank has two Audis that he shows us here:
"The Ur-Quattro:
The white Ur-Q stood nine month near a sporting area after a rear accident. The owner just had had the car for four weeks and already someone had hit him. He took the money from the insurance company and sold me the car -it was such a bargain, I may not tell anyone *ggg*! I built him up for about 2000Euro and that's how he stands there today. Good thing is that the car had and has body cavity protection. No serious rust on an '82 model! During winter I will replace the manifold and the Turbo, as it leaks a bit. I will register him as a part-time car (red license plate).
The 200 Turbo:
He was cheap, 400Euro and I wanted to use it as a parts car. But as it only has 170.000km (106tmiles) and engine and gearbox run smoothly, I decided to built him up and use him as a daily driver in 2002. It has air condition, catalytic converter and good condition interieur, sadly in pale velours, so I will put leather in! I have work on the rear axle (rubber blocks), paint chips and electric glitches. Just typically Audi!"


M@tthi's Type89


M@tthi writes about his Type89:
"Audi 80 03/1988, 130tkm (81tmiles), Kamei grill, mini Audi rings, Grundig HiFi with 2x stock and 4x Bose speakers, white turning signals front, wood panels, Exip seven spoke rims 7x15 (205/50-15), rearlights Inpro and Treser.
I still have many ideas..."


Alexander's Type43


Alex writes about his Type43
"I have one half of a Type43 for half a year now, the other half belongs to my brother! I do not know too much about working with cars, but I try my best.
Now some data: 1.6 Litre, (so you can afford the taxes!!), 125000km (78000miles), it is nearly as good as new and only ran 8000km (5000miles) in the last 7 years, the engine ran accordingly ;-), but after the summer, it is much better now. Nearly no rust (driver's door and rear ends, that's it) and a few scratches were the former elderly owner had missed the entrance to the garage..."
After the two brothers have worked on the car it now looks really good again!

Hendrik's B5

Hendrik has a special B5:
"I have an A4 1.8T quattro. The special thing about it is, that it is a genuine Audi conversion to STW, built only 55 times.
A few details: 177kW, quattro, air conditioning, leather, 18" rims with new 245/40-18, seat and additional heating, CD changer, complete spoiler set, interior with Carbon, Carbon front spoiler, white turning signals, top speed 260km/h (161mph). The car was built in 5/95 and has run about 112000km (70000miles)." Due to job-caused reasons, Hendrik sells the car!

Models Racing Special
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